You have your fitness goals and this is the biggest factor that guides you on your way to set-up your home gym. Once you have determined these goals, it will become clearer and simpler to plan on your home gym design and Home Gym Equipment.

There are many benefits to having a home gym as compared to joining a commercial gym. It can help save you more time, allows you to spend more time near your family, and even save money over the long run.

So, what steps will you need to take to create the best home gym setup? Find out the answer in this guide.

Create the Perfect Space For Home Gym

Find the space or create it for your new home gym. There are many factors to consider here:

  • The amount of space you have in your home
  • The types of workouts you will be doing
  • You will need lesser space for doing Yoga, core exercises, or Pilates than for HIIT workout
  • If you will be doing heavy lifting, you will need more space
  • You can consider using outdoor space such as a patio or back porch if it is covered and the local climate allows it
  • If you have an empty and unused home office, a spare bedroom, or a vacant garage, consider using that space

When exploring space, you should also consider ventilation, light and floor material.

Create a Design for Your Home Gym

An ideal gym will be designed to offer the best of efficiency and productivity. Choose rooms or open spaces that provide excellent natural illumination and ventilation. Consider installing a mirror. It will be even better if you already have a room with a large mirror. The design should support your fitness goal and motivate you to work out every day.

Choose Your Right Fitness Equipment

The choice of Home Gym Equipment will depend on your fitness goals. Even the available space will play an important role here.

The following tips should help here:

  • Consider the types of exercises you will be doing and the frequency
  • If all you need to do is yoga, then you will need a mat, yoga blocks, straps, and enough space for placing the mat
  • If you will be doing HIIT workouts, where you will be working out with weights and running sprints, you will need to consider the weights and a treadmill for your home gym.

You can consider gradually building on your equipment as your fitness and goals progress. There are different equipment based on your fitness goals such as cardio, muscle endurance, strength, recovery, and flexibility.

Storage Consideration For Home Gym

Once you have ordered your equipment from a home gym retailer, you will have to plan where to store everything.

  • Yoga mats can be rolled and kept under the bed or in a cupboard
  • A treadmill can be folded and kept away
  • A rack can be used to store the dumbbells and weights away

It is best to address storage considerations during the design phase. Modular smart storage solutions can help you add more equipment to your home gym without the need to create or find more space. Everything can be easily tucked away after your workout sessions, without causing any hindrance to your everyday life.

If you need more tips to design and set-up your home gym, feel free to get in touch with us at iWorkOut. We are much more than a home gym online shop. We can also provide you professional consultancy in planning your home gym and choosing the right equipment.