You can easily buy barbells online. All the different types of barbells are readily available for online purchase. It is not availability that is the challenge nowadays, but making the right choice is. You will have to determine which barbells are right for you and meet your needs. At iWorkOut, we provide you the information you will need to choose the right barbell and other Home Gym Packages as a beginner.

You should consider the following factors before you start exploring:


This includes:

  • Yield Strength: This refers to the load that a barbell can take before it deforms. Many companies don't list this number. Generally, a high tensile strength directly refers to high yield strength.
  • Tensile Strength: This number refers to the breaking point of the bar. It is measured in per square inch (PSI). When buying a new bar, look for a minimum number of 165,000 PSI.
  • Test Strength: This number refers to how much weight the barbell has been loaded with during testing. It is rare to come across brands that list this number on their Barbell set.


Whip stands for the bar’s flexibility. It refers to the ends of the bar bouncing after a repetition. Material and the bar’s diameter are the key factors that affect its whip. The plates’ thickness also affects the whip.


The finish on Barbells can make a significant difference. This factor creates the feel of the bar in your hands, helps with grip, and can also prevent rusting.

  • Bare Steel Bars: Bare steel bars provide a grip with a natural feel, but they can rust without regular maintenance.
  • Black Oxide Bars: These bars provide better protection against rusting and require lesser maintenance.
  • Zinc Finish: This finish provides even greater protection for Barbells. It will be required to maintain the finish more often, as it can lose its sheen.
  • Chrome Finish: If your budget allows it, it is best to Buy barbells online with chrome finish. They provide the optimal protection against rusting. They can feel slightly slipper, but quality bars have all the knurling required to overcome this challenge.
  • Stainless Steel Finish: This finish provides even better feel compared to bare steel. It provides excellent protection against rusting and is usually available in high-end bars.

Barbell Sleeves

The sleeves affect the amount of spin on the bar. A barbell can use either bushings or bearings for the spin.

  • Bushings: They go between the sleeve and the shaft and are designed to provide low friction.
  • Bearings: They provide smoother, more silent, and faster spins and feature metal balls or tiny needles that roll within the sleeve.

Bearings are mostly used in high-end Olympic weight lifting bars. As a beginner, it is recommended to choose bushings-based sleeves.


Knurling are what form the tiny diamond shapes on the bar and make it easier for you to grip the bar. Deeper and wider knurling is recommended if you will be doing heavy deadlifts. You may also want to consider the position of the knurling which should match your lifting needs.

So, these are the key factors to consider when choosing your barbells online. If you need more information about barbells or help with buying the right bars, get in touch with us at iWorkOut. Visit us Home Gym Equipment store.